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Military 2 Mariner Evaluation

Whether staying on active duty or getting out, it pays to know if your time at sea can be used in your future career decisions. “Where Does Your Military Training Rank in the Civilian Sector?”

Our staff specializes in military-to-mariner services. Meaning, we understand exactly what you are going through and know the process inside and out. Our continuous learning training team recommendations will enhance both your military and future civilian mariner career potential. The goal is to maximize and leverage your ability to transfer your afloat military career skills to a civilian mariner.

When you are ready to make the final decision to leave the military, you will be career-ready. The career development team will also discuss the current military opportunities under the Navy Career Interruption Plan (CIP), OPNAVINST 1330.2C, or the DOD Skill Bridge programs.

We will prepare and present your application so you will receive the highest credential your training and experience will allow.

$200.00 Initial

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